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Pero Jefe

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Pero Jefe... is a funny lettering that has seems escaped from the credits of a sixties comedy or a cartoon show. Well, it has: it is based on the titles of the comic Mortadelo y Filemon. Pero, Jefe...! were the words of Mortadelo while escaping (usually disguised) from his irate boss, Filemón, in the classic spanish comics Mortadelo y Filemón, by Francisco Ibañez. This alphabet is based on the title of these comics, as show at left, and it's suitable for funny applications, children's stories and the like. It has a definite sixties look that could also make it a good choice for music - related designs. The spacing of these effervescent letters is rather problematic: toy with the spacing and move the letters away from the baseline to achieve more playful results! The font has only the lowercase positions occupied, but it also contains a few alternate forms in the shifted letters.
Available for MacOSX- PC
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