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Preview of #Homoningos
The Homoningos are part of a series of experiments with scanning and tracing. We have found that even when the process is rather crude and carefree, some shapes like human bodies and faces, strangely remain recognizable. Homoningos is an essay on what we recognize as a human being. What defines a human body can be a very simple form: the children dare drawing little men as soon as they can handle a pencil. A circle, two lines and voilà: this is a man! In the Homoningos, even with their very rough and sketchy shapes, the body proportions and the costumes are immediately identified, and even associated to a photographic image. This dingbat can be very useful, too. Type at more or less small point sizes to get instant crowds, or groups of people for your illustrations and designs.
Available for MacOSX- PC
freeware: download / buy it
Reference nº 36

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