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Viatge Quimic & Kool Aid Acid Text

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Viatge Químic & Kool Aid Acid Text are psychedelic alphabets. This style of ornamental fonts has a pedigree that goes back to the turn the last century, when the austrian artist Alfred Roller designed a number of incredible alphabets, although it was of course in the late sixties when they were more used and abused, especially for the San Francisco scene posters. Obviously, the last concern of these designs are legibility and readabilty! A handy font to create cd compilation covers and other garage & psych music-related designs, or whenever you want to echo these days in your designs. Rather minimalistic in their structure, especially Kool Aid... using only a fixed-width rectangle with rounded sides and a few repeating elements to finish the letters. Viatge quimic (that is, Chemical trip) is a bit closer to the typical psychedelic style lettering, and more similar to the original designs by Alfred Roller. If you use a vector illustration program, you are encouraged to play with both fonts: tweak the spacing settings, stretch them, condense them, apply an envelope, paste them inside a shape, make them fly all over. And use mind-blowing colours! You must regard this kind of fonts more as design blocks rather than a regular font.
Available for MacOSX- PC
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