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Everything your head should not be or would rather not do is here. A complete collection of 225 illustrations (plus bonus shadows) in three fonts —make sure you see more samples in our Serving suggestions. These drawings are related to a large series I made in the early 90s. At first I wanted to create a collection of illustrations entirely within a vector drawing program, the purpose being a little practice with the geometric shapes and basic drawing tools. Later on I decided to keep the more free-flowing lines of the ink-on-paper sketches. Get rid of the details in the postscript files, and you end up with the Capsbats Shadows: silhouettes that you can use in very different situations. Tip: use these shadows to fill them with your own patterns, or use them as a mask or clipping path, to paste the images you want inside them. The possibilities are endless. We didn't limit our imagination in drawing them, so why would you when using them?
Available for MacOSX- PC
commercial: download / buy it
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