A complete graphic design, illustration, web design and typography course.

Intro: the basics of digital design

Computers have changed completely the way we work on graphic design, and the way design is displayed to the public. In this section we present some key ideas to take advantage of the resources our computer offers us, including some assets that, sometimes, we aren’t even aware of having. These are the main sections starting from each of these you will find several articles dealing with every one of them. You can also check out our General Index or Sitemap to get a comprehensive list of all the articles in this Digital design manual.

Portable computer

Getting organised

Having a well equipped system to do so many things may be overwhelming. Here you will find some ways of getting organised and having everything in place to get good results in your work without wasting time.


Computer programs are much more than separate pieces. If we use them like a solid team we will get more of them.


Good programs aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Here we introduce a selection of excellent freeware, open-source applications, or very economical alternatives, together with some recommendations and interesting tips.


An open section. We review some aspects of digital creation, taking advantage of the Internet, with examples and insights.