A complete graphic design, illustration, web design and typography course.

Web Design

The Internet has significantly changed the way we conceive edition of publications and even in the mid-term, all the audiovisual and written communication. In these pages we deal with the basic aspects the preparation, creation, maintenance and extension of web pages, including all the wealth of graphics, components and services that today are expected from a well-designed, attractive Web. We also offer useful advice and directions to take advantage of the many opportunities that the net offers. Following we’ll describe briefly the main sections; from each of these you will access several related articles articles for each of the topics. You can consult the sitemap or general index for a complete list of the articles in all this website, the Manual of digital design:

Diseño para la web: forma y contenido J.M.M.
  • The basics

    The foundations of the web page and web site creation. Ideas about the construction of a Web, its structure, selection of components, navigation schemes...
  • Editing Web documents

    The programs to create a website and related components: style sheets, PDFs, Java and Javascript...
  • Graphics for web pages

    Articles dedicated to the edition of the graphics for the Web contents: formats, preparation, optimization, animations..