A complete graphic design, illustration, web design and typography course.

Graphic Design

Open any magazine you like, or a book with fine design. You like their colour schemes, the way type and image are laid out, and the way information is displayed. You can do it yourself, with a little training. Even better, you probably have the tools you need already, or you can get them easily.

The articles in this section explore graphic design with digital media, either for printed publications or electronic supports and the net. We’ll study text and image handling, to create harmonious layouts and take advantage of the available tools and programs.

Next, we’ll introduce the main sections. Starting at each of these you’ll access many articles about each category. You can also visit the general index or sitemap to see the whole site at a glance, with a full list of all the articles in this Digital design manual:

Graphic design intro

Computers offer great opportunities for creativity and experimentation in graphic design. We’ll deal with some key topics such as layout, colour, text composition, image organizing... and we’ll review the most useful programs for desktop publishing, digital drawing, photo editing and digital painting, with useful advice and tips.

Bitmap pictures

How to get, process and retouch digital images, and edit them in programs such as Photoshop. How to apply filters, tricks and modifications to images and many more articles.


Special articles about illustration in digital media, and the role of colour in design. We’ll discuss in detail the different options in painting and drawing programs: techniques, ideas, concepts, applications...

Vector Illustration

Vector drawing applications, with detailed tutorials, exmaples of visual creativity, relevant links, introducing the main programs...