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NEW! We have just published the english version of the Manual de diseño digital. With dozens of articles about graphic design, web design essentials, digital image and illustration and typography, it is an excellent resource both for students and experts. Learners will find advice, guidance, and sequenced explanations; more expert users will enjoy the ideas and a fresh look at the main topics of graphic design. Enjoy the free content: dozens of articles, or purchase an exclusive e-book on vector drawing and illustration.

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Studio - Graphic design and web design services

This is a project by TypePhases Design.

We think a unique and memorable design depends on the quality of its images, a refined layout and exquisite typography.

We invite you to know some of our work:

Digital design manual: graphic design, illustration vectorial, web design, typography, edición de imagen digital.

A complete online handbook of digital design. Its original version won the most important web design and contents award in Spain, AUI - Mundo Internet, 2001.

Our manual contains everything you need to know about the graphic design essentials and visual communication:

This manual has been completely revised and redesigned. We have included an article where the building and production of the new version is told in detail.

This manual is available in spanish and catalan versions as well.

Notepad: the Digital design blog

In our journal we comment on graphic design, illustration, programs and everything interesting in the net. Here you have its RSS feed. These are its latest entries:

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